The CC&R for the Casitas requires the pre-approval of any changes to the exterior of a unit and any other visible changes that would affect the look and feel of the property. Because the Casitas is a small community, the Board of Directors functions as the Architecture Committee to review and approve all changes.   The Architecture Change Form should be submitted to the Property Manager before making any changes. If pre-approval is not obtained, homeowners may be requested to remove items and/or undertake additional modifications to be in conformance with the CC&R.   Blanket permission may have been granted to install items such as security doors, satellite dishes, plants, etc. provided that they conform to published guidelines. Consult the Resident Handbook or contact the Property Manager to determine if permission has been granted and under what conditions."
Use this form to register emergency contact and tenant information with the property management company.
Use this form to change the name, telephone number, and access code assigned to a unit in the gate directory.
Use this form to setup the automatic payment of monthly assessments by electronic debit from your checking account.