This Web site was created by the Board of Directors of The Casitas Homeowners Association an Arizona non-profit corporation. It was developed as a communications vehicle for the members of the Association to function in tandem with a Residents Handbook. You, the viewer, may use this Web site “as is”. The Board of Directors and its agents do not warrant or otherwise make any claims concerning the fitness or accuracy of any information published on the site.

A number of publicly published documents, as well as documents that must be generally available under Arizona law, have been scanned and included on this Web site. The Board believes that these documents are accurate facsimiles of official paper documents. Prospective buyers, however, should consult their real estate agent or attorney for official copies of documents as required by Arizona law.

Board documents may be published in “draft” form. If a document is a draft, an indication to that effect will be found at the end of the document (or elsewhere in the document). While draft documents have been reviewed prior to publication, they may be amended and otherwise significantly changed when finally approved. At the present time, the Board does not publish on this Web site any minutes or other documents from closed meetings as allowed by Arizona law. Closed meetings generally deal with delinquencies, infractions of the rules and regulations of the Association by specific homeowners, and other issues of a legal or personal nature.

Local resources are listed on the Web site as an aid to the community for day to day living. The Board and its agents do not recommend, endorse, or warrant any of the resources listed. Resources are added based on input from the community or the property management company. Generally, listed resources have provided services or products for one or more residents. Resources will be removed from the list on request of a resident, on request of the resource itself, or if it comes to the attention of the Board that the resource is no longer in business. Requests for removal should be made to the Property Manager.